Scholarship Application Deadline March 24, 2023
Please submit application with all attachments to 
The Rotary Club of Riverhead invites high school seniors to apply for scholarships offered by the club.
To be eligible, a student must be a resident of Town of Riverhead or within Riverhead Central School District.
Application Deadline: MARCH 24, 2023
Applications will not be accepted after deadline—no exceptions!
Instruction checklist for scholarship application:
⃝ Complete Part I.  Attach information as requested in sections A and B. You must choose the scholarship(s) you are applying for.
⃝ Make sure to choose which scholarship you are applying for.
⃝ Attach Part II (essay).
⃝ Parent or guardian completes Part III and attaches copy of the FAFSA Student Aid Report (SAR).  The SAR is a required piece of the Rotary Scholarship Application.
⃝ Guidance counselor completes Part IV and attaches official transcript.
⃝ Email application with all attachments to: by 3-24-23